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Dear Geoff, Glad to hear you found someone special, and even happier that you spoke up.
To get a date with Wendell's attractive Vice Principal, Vinnie asks him to pretend to be a problem student.

Dating a girl four years older

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Her older brother had invited a bunch of the people they worked with at the mountain over and I happened to be there. I think he was attracted to me because I asked him out, and I was able to banter with him off the bat. My friend (who was my age and in high school with me) worked at a ski resort near us. He's always been attracted to a person's personality. He actually thought I was older than I am, and both his wives were close to him in age.

I think it felt good for him that an 18-year-old was choosing to spend time with him.

Model united nations and was friends with my russian girlfriend who was willing to get married older man me to men completely.

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Woman B: I rented a flat in the backyard of his then-girlfriend. But I knew he was probably 10 years older than me and that was a little bit of the attraction, because I thought that he would be older and more settled with none of the bullshit that you have in your 20s.

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