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It traded in local grapes, olives, wheat, livestock and pottery between the middle Bronze Age and the late Hellenic Period (1900-100 BC).

Shechem had been a Canaanite settlement, first mentioned in Egyptian texts on the Sebek-khu Stele, an Egyptian stele of a noble at the court of Senusret III (c. In the Amarna Letters of about 1350 BC, Šakmu (i.e.

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The site of Shechem in patristic sources is almost invariably identified with, Shechem is mentioned in the third-millennium Ebla tablets found at Tell Mardikh in the context of a city of which Rasap (Resheph) is the patron deity.

Shechem was a commercial center due to its position in the middle of vital trade routes through the region.

Shechem's position is indicated in the Hebrew Bible: it lay north of Bethel and Shiloh, on the high road going from Jerusalem to the northern districts (Judges xxi, 19), at a short distance from Michmethath (Joshua 17:7) and of Dothain (Genesis -17); it was in the hill-country of Ephraim (Joshua 20:7; ; 1 Kings ; 1 Chronicles ; ), immediately below Mount Gerizim (Judges 9:6-7).

These indications are substantiated by Josephus, who says that the city lay between Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim, and by the Madaba map, which places Sychem, also called Sikima, between the "Tour Gobel" (Ebal) and the "Tour Garizin" (Garizim).