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Consolidating databases excel

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The problem though is that even though the dates are listed chronologically for each specific company, the dates and amounts are all random from company to company.There is 25 years of data for 720 companies, so manually sorting it would be too time consuming.I want quarter 2 to be defined as any dividends issued between Apr 1 and June 30, quarter 3 to be any dividends issued between July 1 and Sep 30, and quarter 4 to be defined as any dividends issued between Oct 1 and Dec 31.If there were no dividends issued in a given quarter, than I want excel to assign that quarter a value of 0.

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To summarize and report results from data on separate worksheets, you can consolidate the data from each separate worksheet into one worksheet (or master worksheet).

There will be a varying number of rows in each of the individual sheets.

If possible I would like the macro to run every time data is entered into one of the individual worksheets.

Hi, I have a workbook with multiple sheets I want to consolidate into 1 worksheet if the tab color is 16777164. Thanks Is it possible to apply a filter to multiple sheets within the same Excel workbook, using the same filter criteria?

I have 10 worksheets but only 3 have tab color 16777164. I would post an attachment but I don't see an option to.