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These days, according to an April 2015 study, “nearly nine-in-ten Americans are online.” That’s a pretty impressive change in 20 years.

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If you’re still using XP, you are now a prime target for those 315,000 malicious files.Furthermore, support for the Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) has also been halted.is probably the least surprising technological news of 2015.When they announced that support was only for a limited time, it was made abundantly clear that it was only done as a way to ensure the last XP diehards were not left exposed whilst they made the switch to a newer OS.

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On January 10, 2017, Microsoft will end official support for the suite.

If you continued to use Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows XP, you will be protected against viruses in the database prior to July 2015, but your computer will be susceptible to malicious software created after that date.

In essence, this means that you will want to abandon Microsoft Security Essentials when the 2015 date comes around town.

It meant “Windows Update” patches would no longer be released, and the creaking OS would become increasingly vulnerable.

At the same time that support was stopped, Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Security Essentials would no longer be available for download on XP – though they confirmed that if you already had it installed, you’d continue to receive anti-malware updates for a limited time. now less than a week away, Microsoft is keen to finally condemn the 14 year old operating system to the annals of history. It was arguably the first OS that saw mass adoption in offices and homes around the world, and at its zenith in 2007 it controlled 76.1 percent of the market.