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The video entered BET's 106 & Park at number 9 before peaking at number 5, making it one of the very few reggae videos to reach the top 5 on that countdown. Rapper Lil Wayne has freestyled over the instrumental. The lyrics are very informative as Cham and Alicia Keys explain how it felt to live in the ghetto.

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Amongst the diverse squad of experienced internationals and young talent on display at the Opals camp is the much-welcomed return of Penny Taylor.The 2006 World Championships MVP was forced to miss the 2012 Olympics due to injury and the international superstar has already been impressed by the young talent vying for Opals selection. I’m closer to her than anybody else, except for a couple other team members and some reporter who’s trying to coax an interview from her. Now the reporter has given up and turned to another player. The two years of standing forlorn, injured, in civilian clothes while the Storm went down yet again in the first round of playoffs. The perception that despite what must surely be her delight in playing and living all over the world, she always seems homesick. If Sue Bird is indeed a lesbian, I’m not just part of the same species as she is, I’m part of the same sub-species, the same clan. Red hair pinned up and a bit untidy; lips pouty; eyes tired from the flight, the fight, the victory. She has an unmistakable aura of the tragic lurking about her, failures peppering the endless string of triumphs. Perhaps if we wear a T-shirt with her number on it, perhaps if she hears us cheering her in a game, perhaps if she touches us, even fleetingly, we too will assume an aspect of the divine. Then, with a tiny resolute shrug – how many hands has she touched in the past week, year, decade? She makes me feel genuinely proud to be part of the same species. She radiates health, brilliance, a cheerful embrace of life.

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The closest we came was a janitor who owns a Naomi Watts poster and keeps AC/DC in his Discman. So we decided to send Mary to talk to the Aussie, ask her a few questions -- 10 Burning Questions, to be exact -- and find out the scoop on the enigmatic Land Down Under. Right now she seems to be kind of ignoring her fans and followers in the process of avoiding these rumors.Although her bio states that she is a girl but she herself hasn’t revealed her sexual orientation publically. ” but somehow, she’s managing to chat away to someone in the midst of the din. I gape at her as if she had just started speaking in Romanian. Last Tuesday, we went to the brutal game two of the championship series against the Dream. But she simply does not understand why I have been up late at night, this week of the WNBA Finals, scouring gossip sites, trying to figure out from rumor and hint which of the team members are lesbians. My cheeks hurt from grinning, my throat’s sore from shouting. I’m shaking, too."I admire them as athletes but I’m no more interested in who they sleep with than I am in who George Clooney is dating," my girlfriend said last night. A gulf we didn’t even know was there opens up between us. Or is it something simpler, earthier, more primitive?This hiding nature of Sue brought her questions about her sexual orientation and rumors of her being lesbian.