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Who is michael dorn dating

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“If somebody had told me you’re going to be in this role for 20 years, I go that’s fine with me. And you’ve got to understand that 10 percent of the Screen Actors Guild actually make a living, and then 10 percent of that 10 percent make a good living, and then 10 percent of that 10 percent actually do really well.

To be working is actually a big thing.” In fact, Dorn has been more than willing to keep Worf alive including a proposed series he dreamed up and pitched called Guidelines: Please keep your comments smart and civil.

The former TNG and DS9 star hopes to produce, star and direct the film.

His romantic lead will be played by Anne-Marie Johnson.

We'd be free to do what we wanted to do." Speaking later about the increasingly gritty tone of a lot of modern genre television, Dorn also offered some insight into how the series might approach its stories.

" idea was right in that wheelhouse, because the Klingon Empire is gritty. It's Shakespearean, it's about assassinations and coups, the power behind the throne - so we're going to continue that with plan B." Although no information was given about when or where the idea might take root, Dorn did specifically mention both Netflix and Starz as great places where genre franchises have been able to flourish.

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We'd be able to promote it through the conventions we already do, and the great thing about it would be that we'd own it.

series] probably is the nail in the coffin for Worf." Before adding "But it's not a negative thing.

We were always aware that this was a possibility and we have a plan B.

Dorn has also brought on Star Trek series main cast actors Marina Sirtis, Nana Visitor, and Armin Sherman, along with Shimerman’s wife Kitty Swink (who has guest starred on Trek).

He also hopes to include Chris Pine’s father Robert Pine (who has also previously guest starred in an episode of Voyager).