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Photo: Chrissy Metz Claps Back At Body Shaming Critics!In the new promo, Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, Milo Ventimiglia, and Sterling K.Brown watch as fans tell their emotional stories that mirror the characters' journeys on the show. Ch-ch-check out the touching clip (below) and catch the return of Are you fake on social media? This and much more on The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker!After getting out a good cry, the actors surprise the viewers by jumping in their interviews to give hugs, take pictures, and soak in one another's emotions. So it wasn’t a surprise when [creator] Dan Fogelman finally told me how it all happened. When I signed on for the pilot, I knew that Jack was deceased in the present day.In southern Italy, the Lombard duchies, notably Benevento and Naples, had three main adversaries: the Byzantines whose colonies survived in the southern part of the Italian peninsula until well into the 11th century; the north African Muslims who conquered Sicily, Messina and Siracusa in the mid-9th century and raided the western coastal cities throughout the period; and from the 11th century onwards the Normans.

POPSUGAR recently had the chance to talk with the show's star Milo Ventimiglia during the NBC Midseason Press Day, and he gave us a little bit of insight about the much-anticipated finale."There's tape and there's like a nude flesh colored thing, like pieces of cloth and tape and I kind of went, 'OK, alright, cool. He credits his personal trainer Jason Walsh of Rise Nation for his extraordinary derrière."He's my trainer of seven years," Ventimiglia said. Srsly, not an episode of the family drama goes by that doesn't end with some tear-jerking theme that hits way too close to home!So to get ready for Season Two of the hit series, fans got back at the cast by making THEM cry as if they were watching an episode of !In addition, the Papal territories in Central Italy represented a buffer between north and south, especially after the 756 Donation of Pepin under which Papal claims to many parts of central Italy were recognised by the Frankish invaders.