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She is also the younger sister-in-law of Ray and Debra, daughter-in-law to Frank and Marie, and aunt to Ally, Michael, and Geoffrey.

The part of Amy is played in the series by actress Monica Horan.

Her relationship with Peter somewhat mirrors Robert and Ray's relationship, being like Ray, she was favored by her parents.

The religious nature of her parents seems to have had an effect on her, because despite the fact that she was over thirty when dating Robert, she had never had sex before.

See full summary » This sitcom follows recently divorced mother (Ann Romano) and her two teenage daughters (Barbara and Julie) as they start a new life together in Indianapolis, They are befriended by the building superintendent (Dwayne Schneider), who treats them like family. A series of the world's least likely (and most amorous) men.

She's a liberal, independent woman living in Tuckahoe, NY with her fourth husband Walter, owner of Findlay's ...It was a secret that would eventually be known to the entire Barone family much to her own dismay.She is also very sensitive, crying over minor upsets, apologizing when she did nothing wrong, and confessing that she wanted to be close to everybody in the Barone family.This blonde beauty is 21 years old and was born in Torquay Australia, although growing up in Santa Cruz, California. Sahara is so hot she had to be named after a desert (sorry for the pun there).Our stunning look girl work as a model and lives a very exciting life as we can see on her Instagram account with more than 495 thousand avid followers."It wasn't ignored,"Bonnie Franklin responded, in the same television special," She was fired".