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Regex for validating mac address

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Note that there's no need to test that the numbers are greater than or equal to zero because the regular expression test has already eliminated any thing that doesn't consist of only dots and digits.Your organization has a few vacant positions and you are planning to use the Google Forms service to prepare a pre-interview questionnaire for job applicants.The following bash script contains a bash function which returns true if it is passed a valid IP address and false otherwise.In bash speak true means it exits with a zero status, anything else is false.However, support for character range collation varies among implementation, so the result may vary.In theory all mac addresses returned by programs in the wild would follow some standard like 2 hex digits in each separate group.Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?I don't doubt that works but I'm more curious as to why my implementation fails as theoretically it would match even -4556-67 and I don't want to be hung up on the poor typing skills of the user giving me the mac.

When I saw the question, I just thought "I won't touch that with a ten-foot standard regexp pole". It will not match a preceding 0 since is not a common way to write IP addresses. This expression will not match IP addresses with leading 0s.

Thanks Lets see if I can explain this to myself.[0-9a-f A-f] Matches 2 characters in a hex type manor(?

=([:;.]))) Matches the delimeter inbetween the 2 digit groupings(?

Here is what worked for me for ksh and ksh93 in AIX: $ip == [0-9]@(""|[0-9])@(""|[0-9]).[0-9]@(""|[0-9])@(""|[0-9]).[0-9]@(""|[0-9])@(""|[0-9]).[0-9]@(""|[0-9])@(""|[0-9]) && echo OK || echo NOK The above can be modified in order to "filter" the provided IP to whatever pattern is desired.Hi Can anyone send javascript code to validate the network mac address(eg.On Clicking save button , script function should check the format for valid mac address.