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Item Price: .00 At present Amazon gift card is the only method of payment we are accepting.Send a Amazon e-gift card to [email protected] email: [email protected] Instant delivery Email amazon gift card Instructions: On the next page enter the ABOVE email address, click "SET MY OWN" and amount as 20, your name, message( part of the question) and delivery date (now) and CHECKOUT. To refute these slanders, understanding Nazism is important.AUREL KOLNAI AND He recognized that Nazism was far more than a historical aberration caused by the defeat of Austria and Germany in World War I.It emerged out of a philosophical milieu which included, first and foremost, existentialism (see CIM Briefing paper #50), Romanticism, the philosophy of Kant, the psychoanalysis of Freud, fascism (they would love to deny this), phenomenology, and pragmatism.

To rank Postman up there with the author and apologist C. Lewis is no small matter for a Christian educator like Gordon who teaches Greek and Religion at Grove City College in western Pennsylvania.Through a skillful combination of historical narrative, cultural criticism and theological analysis, the author demonstrates how fascism, perhaps unknowingly, affects our thinking.The author also offers guidance and hope for those shaken by ideological crosscurrents as he convi This book explores the fascist influences that continue to permeate modern culture and thought.Since the official meaning of a discourse is determined by those “in power,” Postmodern critics “deconstruct” those meanings to discover what is hidden or suppressed in a text, thereby discrediting the establishment which stands behind the text and gaining the “right” to overthrow its authority. It can be found in movies, rock videos, history textbooks, political campaigns, theology and religious issues, performance art, TV commercials, ethnic and gender studies, and especially in literary criticism from which it arose. Christianity believes the Logos is transcendent to the world, but not immanent; the Logos is not subordinate, but equal with God; personal, not impersonal; reflected in all creation, especially in humanity."..unbeliever's war with the Word (that is to say, their war with Scripture and Christ) will lead them to be at war with the word--all human language and meaning. THE CULTURE OF INTERPRETATION: CHRISTIAN FAITH IN A POSTMODERN WORLD.