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As above, IE8 will continue to render the links and HTML quotes that are present in your pages. However, we're aware that this is a shift, so if this would cause a problem for you, or if you think a more aggressive deprecation strategy like this will conflict with your work, please let us know here.

I would say that we're pretty adamant we'll go ahead dropping IE8 (usage is also not high), but I'm keen to listen out for general cases that we should consider delaying for. The reference to "50% of all web usage" was to Android browsers and all mobile devices.

We've traditionally taken a conservative approach to our browser support: We don't want to be the forcing factor on any of your own browser support decisions.

But the make-up of the web has changed and is now made up of a much more diverse array of physical devices.

But what you have to do if zoom is already set to 1 is to set it to zoom:2 and zoom:1 again so the element will actually get updated. Maybe there's a function or a more clever way to do this. You're encountering the vast family of bugs involving the notorious internal "has Layout" property of display elements in the IE rendering engine.

Suffice to say that there is no single, simple solution.

I can set zoom:1 as much as I want on an element that already has zoom:1.

A macro component is a component that has dependencies on other components, but has no file or registry resources of its own.

Macro components are useful for bundling components that must appear together in a configuration, or for bundling functionality that will be used again.

The Microsoft Outlook Express component is required only to save Web pages as files when using Save As in the Internet Explorer 7 File menu.

If your installation does not need this functionality, you can remove Outlook Express from your configuration.