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There’s a whole lot more to lovemaking than the missionary position.

Dating a man with a wandering eye

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'Though he is thankful for the company on this cool Sunday morning, he would gladly return them to their owners.

I’ve been in enough relationships to know when they are going wrong and I have never had regrets about ending things before. He’s been through a lot in his life and has made many positive changes so I have faith that he can change this too…

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half, we are both 31 years old and we live together. The only major issue we have is my jealousy, which I’ve definitely toned down over the years, and his apparent obsession with other women. To clarify, I am very aware that occasionally looking at porn and fantasizing about other women is normal and to be expected. My boyfriend, however, takes his behavior to the next level.

Things are normally very, very good — we have a connection that I’ve never experienced with anyone else. There are times we have gone out and he will almost completely ignore me the whole time because he can’t focus.

All of this can probably be traced back to some sort of evolutionary attraction thing, but in today's world, women might just have to accept the fact that men may always be giving a new female face a once-over.

It doesn't have to mean that they don't love their partners.