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What makes high school relationships less than straight forward is a concept known as “Age of Consent.” The age of consent is the age in which one can legally be consent to have sexual relations.

The age of consent in New York City is seventeen years old.

If the dating involves no sexual conduct between the adult and the minor, the conduct is generally not prohibited.

In every state, the age at which a minor can knowingly grant consent to sexual contact is detailed in statutes.

Many states' teen marriage laws are making it harder for teens to marry.

Like every other state, Ohio regulates what kind of conduct people can engage in with others depending on the ages of the people involved.Marriage license laws in the United States are reflecting that belief.In the United States, all but one state requires that a couple be 18 in order to marry without parental permission. Although a few states will waive this requirement if there is a pregnancy, teenage couples may still have to have court approval.A few states allow pregnant teens or teens who have already had a child to get married without parental consent but these couples must have permission from a court.Even with parental approval, many states require court approval when a person is 16 years old or less.States A-F ~~ States G-L ~~ States M ~~ States N-O ~~ States P-ZAs a teenager considering marriage, do you know how old you have to be to legally get married?