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So, I have been playing this game for about a year now with no problems with the launcher, I have a full game installation (no bitraider streaming), and everything was fine until this morning.

I have already flushed my dns cache and run the launcher repair utility, but still have the same problem. I don't want to have to wait until tomorrow to play cause I still have some weeklies i'm trying to finish, lol.

As the curve is rendering, we would like to display a message to the user 'Please wait...'.

We created a Movie Clip on the Stage that contains the message, called in the script 'wait'.

We try the following code: btn Event Listener(Mouse Event.

Unfortunately, being the obedient user that you are, you follow the instructions and continue staring optimistically at the words for many an hours.

What We Want To Accomplish In the applet above we are drawing and redrawing a curve as the user clicks the Draw button, btn Draw.

After I click on Install, Vaio Update reports "Installation failed" and "Please wait a while, then try again." This problem may or may not be related to Windows 8.1. Currently I am using AJAX panel animation fade in/fade out, to make the panel disappear while calculating and then reappear when done. this is the code of my panel: Where to add this is a good question; especially when dealing with complex pages performing multiple ajax requests.Uploading the original server code to the Arduino does not help, it will update it again. I have no explanation for this.--to return the class type of a and the methods of a. If the solution was to start MATLAB in admin mode when installing the support package, then go ahead and write that as an Answer.This program runs on older Matlab versions and on R2014a on Win7 without any difficulties . Given the error message, the class type should still be recognized as arduino but that pin Mode is not a method. Solution is quite simple: Read the readme-file of the Arduino IO package carefully and find out that Matlab needs to be started in Admin mode when installing the support package... That way, users who have this same problem can jump straight to it.However, the verses never seem to disappear, and you fail booting into Windows, yet again.