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Problem updating my garmin

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after that the update went smoothfound the solution guys :) connect to your pc with cable and go into the garmin folder on your device locate a folder called DEBUGGING open that and remove any file called something with ERR. GCD SHA1: 4bb853d42352c0adecf9047fd51059e8a9f2e047 GUPDATE. GCD SHA224: f6cffa04b4b819744d6d7b54ff49a69fe09188ec0a1afc449297633d GUPDATE. GCD SHA384: d1c28be12a646c9c05c0c81a47cf058d5488ffcfed6821ec5640d39f87a1013871ec6e1abd7d4049afc3b750f26a8a30 GUPDATE. GCD SHA512: 400d3a3dfc4255188fd3c5cebc2cb42b4a05c035d205dc729aeb105ae53d8482d66e7fecff3b24138602f12327fe34a1d5c9 a638fa39b724e189e81dc203f95a GUPDATE. GCDIs the update file not getting downloaded or is it getting downloaded and not getting processed? File was present, after disconnecting and validating appear "unable to apply update" screen. I have downloaded the update file Edge1000, Korea_GCDfile__1130from other mirror server.after that the update went smooth Not for me, deleted both in DEBUGGING and SAVED. After connecting with Garmin Express and syncing, but before disconnecting from the PC do you see a file Garmin\GUPDATE. Ale File was present, after disconnecting and validating appear "unable to apply update" screen. Rename to gupdate.gcd, reboot, but still doesn't trigger the install option.

I used the Map Install program which would only let me install a selected section of the US because the whole US won't fit. However, I can't seem to update to the latest maps, called "n Maps Lifetime - EUNT 2015.20", to my old, but still working and useful "nvi 1350". Once we changed providers that problem of get the updated maps went away.The first thing Garmin Express tells me is that I need to download the maps to my computer (Windows 7), and then use Basecamp to transfer to my device. You might try a library, we have used them with success in the past while traveling.Strange, because I don't want to *install* to my computer at all...and no specification of what the error actually is.xdzgor1 Since your Nuvi 1350 is an Australian device and the Europe maps were added with the City Navigator Europe NT DVD back in 2011 the Europe map updates will always install to the computer only.If you have 2 Nuvi models with lifetime maps and both are registered to the Lifetime Map Updater program you should be able to install the new maps on both units with only one download. Finally got discouraged with the Lifetime Map Updater and installed it manually.