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But Snow avoided asking her own family the hard questions until recently, she writes in her latest column: After nearly an hour on the phone, just as we were about to hang up, I mustered up the courage to ask, “Dad, how did you feel when you heard I was Aurora Snow? Then came an answer that blew me away: “I was proud.”His reaction wasn’t always as generous.

He admits to being initially angry when he first found out how she earned her money: when he heard her “making gagging noises” on “The Howard Stern Show.”So she didn’t expect that answer.

The woman is collapsed on the couch, her arms and legs poking from a T-shirt and jeans like tent-poles under a tarp.

Snow pressed her dad further on his reaction He responded that he didn’t want to be a hypocrite.“If I could’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars having sex I would’ve done it, too,” he said. How many people can say they’ve done what you’ve done? It’s your life and you can do whatever you want with it and if you’re making your own choices that makes me happy.”Discussing the porn industry with family members is one of the most difficult tasks an adult performer faces, as the very NSFW video below explains.

An errant charity trip to Sierra Leone may have just ruined Downton Abbey forever.

"Oh," the woman answers, her forehead ridged with concentration, as if she's trying to tune Crockett in through heavy radio static. In the bedroom, they find a video camera, sex toys, and other clues suggesting the couple had just been capturing their gymnastics on film.

But while the others gawk, Crockett roams the house, cycling through his mental list of potential hiding spots.