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Since then I’ve been treating the thing like it’s my new foodie bible, because it is.

After that profound discovery came My New Roots, which I could rattle on about for hours.

You’re asking everyone you know – including your boss – if they’ll set you up with someone, anyone, who you might get on with. Espresso Yourself is a ‘fun’ new popup coming to London on 19 January and 20 January from 11am to 5pm. But it’s the creation of Match, so it’s all been designed to help sad, tired single people find a date.

And perhaps you’ll even go to this coffee shop popup for singles, where you can order yourself a ‘chappuccino’ (yes, really), or a ‘femmericano’ with a fellow single person’s face on it. There, you may find yourself looking down upon the frothy printed face of someone you’re not even sure if you fancy, and asking yourself what you’ve become. When you pop by, you can choose from a ‘chappuccino’ or a ‘femmericano’.

I got x-rays yesterday and while you can still see the break, it’s definitely healing compared to the x-rays from 5-weeks ago.

The doc said I should stay in the boot for 2ish more weeks, but that I can slowly start to walk on it.

Soak your oats in brewed coffee overnight and top them with salted date caramel for a yummy treat in the morning. I know my bajillion Instagram friends aren’t because EVERYONE IS MAKING THEM! I’m excited that things are healing great with my foot!

You see I’ve been learning a lot about whole foods lately.

It all started with my stumbling upon Sprouted Kitchen where whole foods are tasty, and then ordering the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook.

Mediante la utilización de preguntas y respuestas tipo ‘verdadero o falso‘, encontraremos compatibles con nosotros.

Así, en función de nuestras respuestas se irán generando una lista con personas afines a nuestros gustos y aficiones, perfecto para encontrar al amor ideal en Internet.