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Varves dating sedimentary strata

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For those to whom this will be daunting, the article commences with an abstract summarizing the conclusions of the main text.

Thus, it can be inferred that the extensive evaporites dating to 3.5 billion years ago from the Pilbara region of Western Australia could not have been formed within or near the poles.Varve series: A number of varve records that have been matched from a relatively constrained area and together make a longer and more accurate sequence than a single varve record.Numbering of a series often starts at 1 at the bottom (oldest varve) and implies a higher level of accuracy than can be achieved with a single varve record.Varves are amongst the smallest-scale events recognised in stratigraphy.An annual layer can be highly visible because the particles washed into the layer in the spring when there is greater flow strength are much coarser than those deposited later in the year.Throughout this web site the terms varve record, varve series, and varve chronology are used to denote varve sequences of different hierarchical status.