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Wpf progress bar not updating

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The code snippet below also show some C# specific techniques, namely: anonymous delegates and extension methods.

I'm trying to do my apps in any type of XAML these days since I finally think I "got it".

The Problem Basically, communicating between view models without tightly coupling them together. If you decide to do it that way then you will need to inject the messenger object into the subscriber and publisher (it has to be the same instance).

Next, you need to create the message: Once the task is complete you can unsubscribe.

In my past coding with MFC and Win Forms, it's fairly easy enough, you just invalidate and do an update (Invalidate / Update Window in MFC or Invalidate / Update in Win Forms).I wish I could claim that I will break free from the limitations of HTML and my new found liberty will result in fantastic looking apps -- but in reality, I still lack the design skills to come up with something that looks really cool.Either way, XAML presents a great opportunity to really innovate on the UIs with regards to looks and interactivity, regardless if you’re writing desktop apps with WPF, web apps with Silverlight, mobile apps with Silverlight Mobile or if you're programming for one of these cool Surface tables ...The Menu View Model calls a service that creates the game world. First step is to add the progress bar to the screen that you want to update: (Warning: MVVM Cross specific) A caveat here; if you use something like `Register Type` to register the messenger object, that will also (appear to) work.It then calls the Main Page View Model to display the main page. However, it won’t actually work; it will create a fresh instance of the messenger object each time.and I will write my puny little test apps in WPF, even if they are just as ugly as my Windows Forms apps used to be.