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This treaty served to officially end Japan's position as an imperial power, to allocate compensation to Allied civilians and former prisoners of war who had suffered Japanese war crimes during World War II, and to end the Allied post-war occupation of Japan and return sovereignty to that nation.

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But neither of them care, because they're too busy holding hands and GETTING BACK TOGETHER. How great was the Benster's smile when he realized what she was doing? I'm sure Tara will soon return to treating him like crap, so let's all savor this moment while we can. Seriously, dude, when Zach gives up on you, you Backstage - Abigail narrated this episode, so of course, it was AWESOME. But Abigail's feeling too guilty over "forgetting" Sammy, so she can't even enjoy it when Wes, determined to give Abigail the solo, accepts her dare and does Riverdance, shirtless, while singing "She'll Be Coming ' Round the Mountain" in Spanish.

Bravura (Favorite moments) - Miss Raine's little kitten! - Wes Cooper, a smokin' hot choreographer, arrives to create a solo piece for the upcoming academy tour, and he turns out to be Ethan's flatmate... She stops him by telling him about Sammy, and NOW I' M CRYING AGAIN.

The sound design in Kate Hewitt’s under-realised 1950s-set production is as intrusive as it is in Pigeon English, leading to an unfortunate display of poor projection skills.

Although it feels gruellingly long, it’s actually an abridgement too far, with some scenes pruned to lack basic narrative sense.

”“What the hell is going on with our black men!?!?! I believe in interracial couples, but only for the right reasons.

”“You’re a fraud a** hick for this sh*t”“I didn’t even have a chance. Not because you think a white women[sic] is better than a black one.”“Smh…not once I seen a ‘sistah’ on your arms”“Welp…another one who went “left”, lol…”But there were many people defending Romeo and his lady, going back and forth with detractors:“Be happy ! I have always loved black men, but I recognize the beauty in every race and every culture. A black man wanting a non black woman does not bother me unless he demeans black women and tries to say they are beneath other races of women…There is too much focus on race. A beautiful soul outweighs physical beauty.”“I love how the first people to yell racism are the first people to hate on an interracial couple”“Yes it’s his girlfriend.

While the pair are happy (and look pretty good together), some of Miller’s fans and followers on social media aren’t too happy about the new lady in his life. My apologies, I’m just over all of our black men choosing to be with white women as if black women carry the plague or something.

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Romeo (James Mace) and Juliet (Shalisha James-Davis) give no sense whatsoever of being cataclysmically love-struck.When asked by TMZ photogs if the woman was his “new blonde,” the rapper made it clear that she’s more than that: “This is my beautiful girl.Her name is Toneata, not just ‘a new blonde.'” Miller said all that before giving his girl a kiss in front of the cameras.Pigeon English, adapted by Gbolahan Obisesan from Stephen Kelman’s novel with its unmistakable echoes of the Damilola Taylor case, has a generic urban energy, upon which the NYT - and director Anna Niland - relies far too heavily.On a danger-flecked London council estate, young Harri (Seraphina Beh, appealing) tries to reconcile the conflicting demands of school and his traditional Ghanaian family.Keeping their cool: The 26-year-old actress cut a simple, yet, chic, figure in stonewashed denim jeans and a black leather jacket, while the Doctor Who actor, 32, was dressed casually in a tailored jacket and dark trousers There's nothing like a leather biker to add edge to your look.