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I realize from the outset in trying to answer your e-mail that my comments will probably fall on deaf ears.

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The gadget in question is apparently an automatic sperm collector, an all-in-one machine into which men can donate sperm (hands-free).

Stabilizing global warming at around 2 degrees Celsius by cutting greenhouse-gas ...

— As oil becomes scarce, the world needs new transportation fuels.

Using a condom will certainly decrease the likelihood of catching STDs, but still, you have to question whether sticking your member into a machine used by countless other men is really that sanitary. When you buy the automatic sperm-collecting machine, it also comes with a surprise bonus feature: a “premature ejaculation desensitization training function.” Men apparently undertake a training regimen in which the gadget repeatedly rubs various parts of the penis in order to decrease its nerve sensitivity.

According to a company website, the ultimate goal of this training is to “improve ejaculatory threshold.” Kevin Qiao, a representative of the Jiahua Electronic Instrument Co.