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objectlist, and use a child id ore something)Unfortunately, add Or Replace() method can only be used for Components, not for Behaviors.And since the model to be updated (selected Objects) is in the Check Group, the updating behavior should also be added to the checkgroup, shouldn't it?

Unfortunately this doesn't work because the Wicket Tester method execute Behavior calls Servlet Request()Request To Redirect String(String()) which sets the selected value to null.I've done something similar by implementing my own Both his solution and mine (based on his) also assume that the behavior is the first (or only) one on the component.This is a bit clunky, but something like this may work for you.Today I’d like to deal with a common problem in wicket application. The solution: I write two different html files for the two panels: Now we can start with the parent component wich will contain the panels and the radio component. The problem: You have a Radio Choice with two buttons, when you click on the first button, the panel1 is diplayed, when you click on the second one, the panel2 is displayed in place of the last one and so on…The parent component can be a Page or another panel. Here is the html code: Under the tag form we have two components, the radio choice and a panel.