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Sex workers and their clients, too, are trained to use the alphabet. If you plan to patronize sex workers—-and obnoxiously detail your exploits on the Internet—-you better be versed in these 31 common trade acronyms.

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In short, adult dating websites are popular because they offer a resource that allows individuals to explore sex opportunities that may not otherwise exist in their local area or may just be too hard to find offline.That last list is really no more extreme than anything you'd find in a licensed sex shop, and adults can view this material online by actively opting-in to adult content with their ISP.Myles Jackman:'An individual is still in technical possession of an image if it has been cached by a browser'The legal definition of "possession" on the internet may seem unintuitive.deathbed confessions; revealing truths when feverish) Conflicts and challenges (war and combat in general; sieges; Die Hard scenarios; jousting; gladiatorial games; wrestling and sparring; duels of honor; bets and sports competitions; romantic rivalries; seduction viewed as a challenge; misunderstandings and fights; break-ups; traded insults; stormy relationships; family strife; personality clashes; cultural differences; philosophical disagreements) Courtesans or geishas Courting and dating (courtship rituals; dating; blind dates; personal ads; traditional gestures such as flowers and chocolates; unusual gestures designed to win someone's attention; showing off or displaying prowess; rivals seeking a character's favor; see also Seduction) Cross-dressing (forced or voluntary; drag queens or transvestites; see also Gender themes) Crossovers (characters thrust into other universes; canon universes merged; sex between characters played by same actor) Crush or unrequited love Crying, sobbing (erotic and non-erotic) Cuddling (see Touch) Cunnilingus Cyber themes (cybersex; virtual reality scenarios; e-mail/chatroom interaction, including secret admirer scenarios; see also Techno) Daddy themes (fetishization and role-play; difficult father-son relationships; sugar daddies; paternalism in general) Damsel in distress scenarios (danger and rescue; damsel character need not be female) Dancing Dating (see Courting and dating) Death (fatal illnesses; heroic death; character death in general; survivor guilt and grief; ghosts and haunting; vampires; Thanatos as the personification of death; Thanatos as the death wish; death orgasms; gothic aesthetics; immortality or aging as it relates to death; reincarnation) Deep-throating Delayed gratification Depilation (waxing, shaving) Desperation to pee (intentional holding, being forced to hold, unable to find a restroom, being denied a restroom; including all body motions and verbal comments associated with holding one's pee).Dildos (dildo gags; harnesses; strap-ons; ritual phalluses) Disabilities or infirmities (limp; damaged or missing limb; chronic pain; deafness; stutters) Discipline or punishment Discomfort during sex (rough edge of a table as counterpoint to pleasure; cold stone versus hot flesh; position is uncomfortable at first but then becomes perfect; penetration is painful, then pleasurable) Disorders (phobias; neuroses; obsessive-compulsive disorder; see also Insanity; Emotional themes) Docking Domesticity (moving in together; nesting; shopping; building a family or meeting the family; getting a cat or dog; kidfic) Dominance and submission (See also Submission; Servitude; Master and slave, etc) Double penetration (anal, vaginal, or oral) Drugs (recreational drug use; Viagra; self-destructive addictions; addiction as a by-product of pain management; alcoholism and sobriety) Dystopias (apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic worlds; alien invasions; pandemics; computers take over; settings in Hell, or earth becomes Hell) Ejaculate, come (heavy loads; pre-ejaculate slickness; messy orgasms) Emotional themes, emo-kink (angst; wallows; darkfic; emotional damage; psychological trauma; tragic pasts; broken characters; guilt and shame; mental instability; sadness and grief; abandonment or fear of same; characters who can't go home again; fear in general; nightmares; loneliness; broken-heartedness; failure; insecurity; self-hatred; self-mutilation such as secret cutting; suicide; see also Insanity) Endearments (see Names) Enemas Enemies working together Ensembles (elite teams of explorers, spies, law enforcement figures, etc; sentai; military squadrons; skilled teams operating like clockwork, such as when pulling off a heist; bands of rebels; families; surrogate families; outcasts, e.g., freaks and geeks; carnival troupes; motley characters thrown together by fate; alternatives to society e.g., Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys; see also Witnesses) Erotic torture Exhibitionism Exoticism (fetishization of Far Eastern culture and aesthetics, which may be adapted and generalized for fictional worlds; e.g., harems and harem culture; veils; silk clothes; Turkish baths; pleasure pavilions; royal courts; lush gardens; island paradises; opium dens; casbahs and bazaars; tents; imperial royal figures such as sheikhs or sultans; köçek troupes; court figures such as dancers and storytellers; floor pillows; furs or skins as rugs or bedding; feasts; tapestries; Persian rugs; oil lamps; wild animals as pets; opulence, decadence, and sensuality in general) Exposure (with or without eroticism; feeling physically exposed, such as with legs open; a woman's shirt being opened to expose her breasts; characters being forced to undress in public; someone opening a door on people having sex) Face-fucking (blow-job) Face-sitting (straddling for blow-job or cunnilingus, or smothering the face with the buttocks as a form of dominance) Fake rake (a man falsely rumored to be promiscuous, who isn't; romance novel term) Falling (falling from grace; going bad; turning to the Dark Side; Faustian deals; succumbing to temptation or addiction; degradation and descent in general) Fantasies (shared or solitary; role-playing) Feminine terms used for males (e.g., calling a man a bitch, calling his ass a pussy; using condescending endearments such as honey or precious) Femmes (effeminacy) Fetishes for objects not listed elsewhere (shoes, cigarettes, lipstick, coffee cups, eyeglasses, motorcycles, canes, etc) Finger-fucking (as preparation, foreplay, accompaniment, or main act) First times (first time between two individuals; losing virginity/cherry; first time doing a particular act; first time with a particular gender) Fish out of water characters/scenarios Fisting (anal or vaginal) Flirting (conscious or unconscious; with glances or touches; banter) Food (feeding one's partner; romantic dinners; food as foreplay or flirting; food used during sex, such as whipped cream or chocolate) Forbidden pleasures (love affairs or trysts; in general, wanting someone or something that's expressly forbidden) Forced feminization (see also Gender themes) Forced or reluctant nudity, with the partner of the opposite gender remaining clothed (Clothed Female, Nude Male; or Clothed Male, Nude Female).RULES FIRST: Please respect others; any type of harassment, stalking, misogynistic or aggressive behaviour will result in removal from the group.